My story

I’ve always loved to tell stories.

Eden Caceda was born in Sydney, Australia and for as long as he can remember, has been a lover of the written word.

I was born in Sydney, Australia, and for as long as I can remember, I have been a lover of the written word. In both fourth grade and eighth grade I tried to start publications at my respective elementary and high schools to no avail. However, as an English student at the University of Sydney in 2013, I was finally able to practice my passion as a writer and broadcaster and have continued my work for over seven years.

Since then I have written over four hundred articles, interview countless personalities, reviewed hundreds of films and shared my thoughts on culture, entertainment, opinion and current affairs. I have been fortunate to attend various high profile events as media including the Logie Awards, AACTA Awards, ARIA Awards, Helpmann Awards, TropFest and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

My writing has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Brisbane Times, The Canberra Times, WA Today, Junkee, Filmink, Concrete Playground, Broadsheet, Time Out Australia, Honi Soit and many other publications. My film reviews have earned me Rotten Tomatoes accreditation.

I have acted as editor in chief of ARNA Literary Journal and Honi Soit ACAR Edition, and editor of BULL Magazine, ARMED Publishing and the Concord Connection.

I was a radio host of The Experience Project on SURG FM from 2013 to 2015 and a host of The Vulture’s Nest on 107.3 2SER from 2016 to 2020. I have appeared as a guest on 90.7FM SYN and featured on 954AM 2UE, 873AM 2GB and on Network Ten’s The Project. I am currently the host of Film Plus presented by Filmink, available on all podcasting platforms.

I currently live in Sydney, Australia but enjoy learning and sharing stories from across the globe.