Stories from people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Interview with Drew Livingston

Actor Drew Livingston is taking out the role of Tony, Billy’s brother in an emotional role that sees him acting and singing in a number of performances every week.

Profile: Matthew Mitcham

For Aphra Magazine: It’s been seven years since Matthew Mitcham made sporting history and became the first openly gay man to win an Olympic gold. But when I have the opportunity to talk to Mitcham, he still speaks like the fresh-faced diver who made Australia proud in Beijing all those years ago.

Inside Drag King culture with Sexy Galexy

For Hijacked: Drag queens have long been a part of cross-dressing performance art and have appeared onscreen in classics such as Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, Rent and The Birdcage.


For Honi Soit: Eden Caceda speaks to New York-based photographer Flo Fox.

Interview with Andrew Hansen

For BULL Magazine: Very few comedians in the world have been as successful as Andrew Hansen of The Chaser in so many forms of media.

Finding animations with Bobette Buster

For Hijacked: Bobette Buster has a job a million people would kill for. A part-time screenwriter, creative development producer and lecturer, she works as a story consultant for 20th Century Fox, Disney and Sony Studios.

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