Review: The Skeleton Twins (2014)

Suicide is often a difficult topic to include and explore in mainstream films. Unlike accidental deaths, which seem to be a plot twist in so many movies, suicide is rarely depicted on screen, and when it is, it easily comes under criticism because of the way it’s shown and the meaning it is trying to create.

A Student’s Guide To The Galaxy

Don’t panic, Eden Caceda and Whitney Duan are here to show you the way outside of the university walls.

Review: Last Vegas (2014)

Since The Hangover debuted in 2009, cinemas have screened an abundance of films about friends travelling to Las Vegas, or any other location with alcohol and bright lights, prior to a wedding or as a way to forget their transience. The new adult comedy Last Vegas is no different, but this time the male protagonists are about 40 years older than the younger men cast in similar films.

Review: Are We Officially Dating? (2014)

Romantic comedies have long featured women in lead roles and revolved around the lives of single young women, made for single young women. But Are We Officially Dating? switches up the conventions of the genre by having the romantic comedy told from men’s point of view.

Review: Convict (2014)

Four years ago Australian character actor David Field made his directorial debut, starring newcomer George Basha, on the well-received drama film The Combination. It’s easy to see the connections between that film all those years ago and this new film Convict, this time Basha working behind the camera with Field.