Filmink is an Australian film magazine founded in 1997 in Sydney and is one of Australia’s premier publications on the film industry.

In 2013 I was an intern for Filmink and in 2014 became a film critic. This led to me becoming a Rotten Tomatoes accredited reviewer.

Review: Tammy (2014)

For Filmink: Melissa McCarthy rehashes her usual vulgar onscreen persona in this uninspired road movie, which squanders all its talent.

Review: The Kill Team (2014)

For Filmink: In 2010, a group of rogue American army soldiers murdered three civilians during the War in Afghanistan. Calling themselves “The Kill Team”, what followed was years of whistleblowers, legal proceedings and internal investigations.

Review: Generation Iron (2013)

For Filmink: Focused on seven international qualified bodybuilders training to compete in the Mr. Olympia contest, Mickey Rourke narrates Generation Iron, which aims to get to the core of why these bodybuilders do what they do.

Review: Dirty Wars (2013)

For Filmink: Controversy has surrounded US military interventions in Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia, and the new political documentary Dirty Wars, reminds viewers of the grave issues of this foreign policy.

Review: In Bob We Trust (2013)

For Filmink: Very few documentaries profile a personality as unconventional and fascinating as Father Bob Maguire in the brilliant In Bob We Trust.

Review: Born To Race: Fast Track (2014)

For Filmink: Focusing more on the cars and less on the half-naked women, Born To Race: Fast Track is the sequel to 2011’s Born To Race, but oddly with an entirely different cast assuming the roles previously created.

Aussie Thriller Wraps

For Filmink: A low-budget local thriller – taking its cues from classic eighties flicks – has just wrapped shooting in New South Wales.

Comedy Junkies

For Filmink: The creators behind the hilarious Tropfest short ‘Ca$h Cow’ have conjured up an equally funny pilot for a potential new comedy series.

Review: Utopia (2014)

For Filmink: John Pilger’s damning new doco sees the journalist and filmmaker outraged again over indigenous disadvantage in Australia.

Review: Ghost Team One (2014)

For Filmink: There are films like the low-budget Ghost Team One – a jumbled film that isn’t sure if it wants to be a movie like Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project or if it wants to satirise them.