Cate Blanchett returns to TV as lesbian

The Academy Award-nominated actress Cate Blanchett has transformed herself into a lesbian in a huge return to Australian television for an upcoming episode of the hit ABC drama series Rake.

After being off the small screens for 15 years, Blanchett is returning as a lesbian version of Cleaver Greene, the rogue lawyer played by Richard Roxburgh and lead of the series. In the episode Green watches on in horror as his disatrious life becomes the inspiration for a biography film.

Roxburgh, who is also the series’ co-executive producer, said they were privileged to have the famed actress on the series. The appearance comes at a good time, with Blanchett’s popularity growing after her acting skills in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine being rewarded by a Golden Globe, AACTA and Screen Actors Guild Award for her turn in the drama film.

Originally published on CelebrityOZ, February 3, 2014.

Watch the trailer for Rake Season 3 below:

Published by Eden Caceda

Eden Caceda is an acclaimed journalist, commentator and radio host from Sydney, Australia. After studying English at the University of Sydney, he has written over 300 articles and pieces from 2013. His key areas of writing are culture, entertainment, opinion and current affairs.


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