Labor vs. Liberal Debate: Trade Unions

Herman’s Bar, 4 August 2014

There are few things more beautiful in the University social calendar than Labor and Liberal coming together to battle it out in front of a crowd of rowdy students ready to put the opposing team’s head on a stake. This time the debate was on a topic close to many hearts – the effectiveness of trade unions.

Moving into the very warm Hermann’s Bar after a brief session of drinking by Labor and many wondering where Liberal was five minutes before the debate was to begin, it was clear that this wasn’t merely a friendly debate between parties; this was Game of Thrones of the most epic proportions, where no speaker hoped to be the Joffrey of the Lannisters and others tried to be Daenerys Targaryen. Each speaker had one chance with one microphone to try (not) to start a riot.

The argument about trade unions seemed to be sidestepped by many speakers who were rather interested in bringing shouts of anger and agreement from the crowd. I probably heard “SHAME!” and “HERE HERE!” more times than ever before and I didn’t appreciate cider being spilt on me mid-debate – thanks *name redacted*.

Nonetheless, it was fun to see members of both Labor and Liberal come out of their usual friendly recruiting manner and into attack mode. When both sides were done and each party had used up all their political-ness, each side went back to being comfortable enemies and mingled. It never is the expected ending to a war on stage but a it’s a satisfying one no less. If they don’t have another debate soon, that truly would be a “SHAME”.

Originally published in BULL Magazine, September 11, 2014.

Published by Eden Caceda

Eden Caceda is an acclaimed journalist, commentator and radio host from Sydney, Australia. After studying English at the University of Sydney, he has written over 300 articles and pieces from 2013. His key areas of writing are culture, entertainment, opinion and current affairs.


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