Talk Show Royalty: Why Ellen Degeneres is better than Jimmy Kimmel

Eden Caceda was one of the five people who watched Ellen Degeneres’ season of American Idol.

People Ellen DeGeneres

There is no one in the world like Ellen. Whether she’s coming out to Oprah on her eponymous sitcom, kicking ass on her own talk show or being the best lesbian on television, Mrs. DeGeneres is one of the most legendary talk show hosts of our generation.

She’s also more than a talk show queen. She’s hosted two of the best Academy Awards of all time. She was a judge on American Idol. She’s Dory! Sure she may not have won a Grammy, but she hosted that shit. Twice!

Her motto, ‘Laugh. Dance. Love.’ encompasses everything there is to adore about her. She’s hilarious, fun and never fails to make her audience of millions dance.

She can get secrets out of any celebrity and her app ‘Heads Up!’ is pure genius. So while you can be at little ol’ Jimmy’s feet praising his wit, I’ll be collecting Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways, thanks.

Originally published in BULL Magazine, April 9, 2015.


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