Review: Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015)

After a long five films of the Paranormal Activity film series, everything finally comes to a head in the final chapter, The Ghost Dimension, sadly ending with a whimper than one large scream. With the first film released in 2009, shocking viewers everywhere and surprising critics with its unique take on the found footage genre, there is no doubt that it should have ended there. But sadly after five sequels, including the above average The Marked Ones spin off, this new film gives closure to the audience that have stayed loyal for many years.

Centring on Ryan Fleege (Chris J. Murray), his wife, Emily (Brit Shaw) and their young daughter, Leila (Ivy George), the story begins when they discover a cusomised video camera and old videos in their new house. But naturally, Leila starts exhibiting strange behaviour – burning Bibles and acquiring rosary beads – as well as interacting with an unseen supernatural creature. But as the Fleeges start using the video camera and see the paranormal phenomena all around them, the scares come out.

Much of the problem with The Ghost Dimension is that it is too intensely concentrating on linking it with the third film of the series. The entire story is concerned with explaining, connecting the films and the rest of the film follows the same routine with old scares and no original ideas. Even with the family at the centre of the drama, there is little intrigue or interest in who they really are.

The director Gregory Plotkin, who acted as an editor on the past four films, doesn’t bring much new to the story and most of the directorial decisions are questionable to say the least. The plot is not only nonsensical but tired, and instead of an impressive supernatural display, the film comes across like a showcase of special effects. And for that, it should be ignored.

Published by Eden Caceda

Eden Caceda is an acclaimed journalist, commentator and radio host from Sydney, Australia. After studying English at the University of Sydney, he has written over 300 articles and pieces from 2013. His key areas of writing are culture, entertainment, opinion and current affairs.


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