Honi Soit

Honi Soit is the student newspaper at the University of Sydney. First published in 1929, the publication is circulated weekly to the student body.

In 2o14 I was chosen as a reporter for Honi Soit. In 2015 I was an editor for the Honi Soit ACAR Edition and in 2016 I was elected as the editor-in-chief of the Honi Soit ACAR Edition.

Within my capacity as a reporter, I pitched stories to the editors and wrote articles to weekly deadlines. As editor I was required to oversee the articles within and collaborate with other editors on consistent tone and theme amongst the content. As the editor-in-chief I oversaw the full creation of the newspaper edition, from pagination to printing.

Where are the bi men on TV?

For Honi Soit: There is absolutely no denying that television shows and films have begun to feature more diverse LGBTIQA+ characters in recent years.

Normalising racism

For Honi Soit: Last month there was significant debate when Mackay Member of Parliament and Liberal Party politician George Christensen announced that he was to attend and speak at a Reclaim Australia rally in Queensland.

Black, White, Asian, Other

For Honi Soit: A few weeks ago I was walking down the street with a close friend when we came across a promotional poster for comedian Gabriel Iglesias on the side of a building. His face stretched across the gluey paper in a glorious display of his buzzcut and trademark handlebar moustache and beard –…


For Honi Soit: Eden Caceda speaks to New York-based photographer Flo Fox.

Axe the tax on Aussie TV

For Honi Soit: Our government punishes success before Australian television even gets there, writes Eden Caceda.