AACTA Awards 2014 red carpet interviews

Eden Caceda speaks to some of Australian film’s biggest stars on the red carpet of the 3rd AACTA Awards at The Star, Sydney.

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Eden Caceda speaks to some of Australian film’s biggest stars on the red carpet of the 3rd AACTA Awards at The Star, Sydney.


Callan McAuliffe

Eden: What was it like working on the biggest Australian film of last year, The Great Gatsby?

Callan: It has been incredible. Of course I wasn’t quite as involved in it as the other guys were, but being part of such an incredible production was an honour and I’m very proud of it. It’s obviously the biggest film I’ve been on, so I’m so grateful to Baz [Luhrmann] and everyone involved and here to support them.

Eden: You have an upcoming project, Hacker. Can you give us any information on it?

Callan: Sure. So Hacker, as you might imagine, is about a hacker. I play an anarchist, amoral character, which is a first for me. We filmed it in four countries, I just got back from Bangkok today. It was incredible. A very different atmosphere. We shot in Toronto first, which was really cold, then in New York, it was also very cold, then in Hong Kong, and then to Bangkok, so it was definitely a whirlwind of a shoot.

Eden: Beside The Great Gatsby, what other film are you rooting for tonight?

Callan: I’m not sure. I haven’t really had a look at what’s going on. I’m very biased tonight to Gatsby. I’m just here to flaunt my stuff on the red carpet and clap Gatsby along.


Deborah Mailman

Eden: How are you facing the success of The Sapphires? It’s playing all around the world.

Deborah: Look, when we filmed it, we thought we had something special. But the success of it, both in Australia and internationally, has just floored us. And it’s been really incredible. It was really overwhelming at first. The first phone call I got was about Cannes, and then it all sort of happened from there. It’s been a very beautiful, a very crazy and wonderful experience. And all of us together have been through that journey. And it’s now sort of settled down a bit, and I look back at it and go, what an incredible year. I went to places I never thought I would go to, met the most three beautiful girls in the world who I now call my friends, I got to work with Wayne Blair, and it’s a great film, I’m very proud of it.

Eden: You are so busy right now!

Deborah: Yes, and no. Not so much at the moment, but I’m very happy that I’m back doing Offspring.

Eden: Speaking of Offspring, what’s the new season like?

Deborah: You know I can’t say anything! But Cherie is back and Darcy is back. I can’t tell you how we are back. But it starts with last series, season four’s ending with Patrick’s death so we go on from that. Everyone’s world has been turned upside down, especially Nina’s, and as a family, there is still the dysfunction that gets even more crazy. But there’s still things happening and coming together to a bit of a nice circle.

Eden: Who do you hope will win tonight, from last year’s selection?

Deborah: That’s a good question. I love The Great Gatsby. I think it’s a beautiful film. I recently saw Mystery Road and I love Ivan Sven, he’s a gorgeous director. I also just saw Satellite Boy, which I loved. I don’t know. I can’t choose. I want them all to win!


Jacki Weaver

Eden: You’re winning the Lifetime Achievement Award tonight. How do you feel?

Jacki: I can’t believe it. I’m really thrilled. I thought, does this mean my career is over?

Eden: No way! You worked on Silver Linings Playbook. What was that like?

Jacki: It was heaven. I can honestly say I love Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence very much.

Eden: Who are you rooting for tonight?

Jacki: It’s such a strong field. I love The Great Gatsby, it’s a brilliant film. And The Rocket is an excellent film too. I love how it’s a great big film, and a small independent film, and it proves that everyone’s got a chance.


David Wenham

Eden: You’re appearing in the new 300 movie. How was that experience?

David: Well I pop up in it. All I can tell you is that, essentially, it’s a movie that happens at exactly the same time as the original 300, in terms of a timeline, and it’s a naval battle. So maybe the next one will be an air battle, who knows.


Ita Buttrose

Eden: The queen of Australian fashion. Who are you wearing?

Ita: My top is from Keon Couture in Melbourne.

Eden: What’s your opinion on tonight’s style and fashion turnout?

Ita: Pretty good. I think everyone scrubbed up very well. There’s a lot of glamour here tonight and everyone’s waiting to see what Cate is wearing – thought she does seem to get a bit irritated if you ask her. Nevertheless, we shall all be looking.

Eden: You won Australia of the Year. Congratulations.

Ita: Thank you. It was terrific actually. It was a great honour and you realise how highly regarded the awards are and how Australians feel about the Australian of the Year. It’s been a really wonderful year.

Eden: Any favourite film from last year you’re excited to see win tonight?

Ita: I never do that. Film critic Bill Collins always says, even in the worst films there’s something that you like. And I agree. There’s always something in a film you can like, and I love all films. I think I’ll just agree with whoever wins.

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