BULL Magazine

In 2013 I was a reporter for BULL Magazine, the student magazine of the University of Sydney Union. BULL was a monthly publication published by an editorially independent student team.

In 2014 I was employed as an editor for BULL and responsible for editing, writing, pagination and managing a group of reporters, photographers and contributors.

As an editor I was involved with the creation of the BULL Magazine online website and radio program which were later discontinued after the publication was terminated in 2016.

Review: Anything Goes, Opera House, Sydney

For BULL Magazine: Anything Goes is one of Cole Porter’s most well known musicals and had been performed countless number of times since it was written. But while each amateur and professional production may be full of fantastic singing and stunning set design, Anything Goes is not one of the best shows in the musical…

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Teaching Girls, Teaching Boys

For BULL Magazine: When I was in high school, I remember once being told by a new teacher that she had to take a different approach to teaching us because we were an all boys class. She continued to explain that she had to treat our class more harshly than any class at an all…

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Review: Thriller Live, Lyric Theatre, The Star (2015)

For BULL Magazine: Walking into Thriller Live, there were two things that were evident. Firstly, the median age of the Lyric Theatre’s audience was 35 at best. Secondly, I was in a MJ fanatical crowd, the likes of which I had never experienced before.

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Review: Wicked, Capitol Theatre, Sydney (2014)

For BULL Magazine: It’s been four years since Wicked left Sydney and a decade since it opened on Broadway, but seeing Wicked at the Capitol Theatre feels like it hasn’t aged a day.

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Between The Sheets

For BULL Magazine: Eden Caceda investigates the legitimacy of sex addiction.

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Labor vs. Liberal Debate: Trade Unions

For BULL Magazine: There are few things more beautiful in the University social calendar than Labor and Liberal coming together to battle it out in front of a crowd of rowdy students ready to put the opposing team’s head on a stake.

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Review: Offspring Season 5 (2014)

For BULL Magazine: Network TEN’s hit drama Offspring has developed considerably over its five year run, and has perhaps at long last found its true tone.

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Back In Our Blood

For BULL Magazine: Eden Caceda investigates the reasons behind escalating rates of HIV/AIDS in Australia.

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Naturalism In Performance

For BULL Magazine: Very few newly released films break the mould of existing movie genres, and rarely do new film movements have momentum to warrant the creation of a new subgenre. Mumblecore is a relatively new and unknown subgenre that has critics and historians arguing if the movement is likely to continue or dwindle.

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Villawood: Surviving Detention

For BULL Magazine: Forty years ago my grandparents arrived in this country escaping the economic and political upheaval of 1970’s Argentina.

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Ice Caps In South America

For BULL Magazine: Few people would associate South America with anything but images of llamas, Incan ruins and Shakira, but should any traveller venture far below the capitals Buenos Aires and Santiago, they would discover sights easily confused for the South Pole.

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Interview with Andrew Hansen

For BULL Magazine: Very few comedians in the world have been as successful as Andrew Hansen of The Chaser in so many forms of media.

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The Next Big Thing

For BULL Magazine: With social media buzzing about the new wearable computer, and technology enthusiasts awaiting the final retail version to be released later this year, Google Glass is expected to be the “next big thing” in computing.

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Popping Pills

For bULL Magazine: Over the counter medicine addiction is one of society’s unrecognized forms of substance abuse and a growing problem in Australia.

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The Andes of Peru

For BULL Magazine: With its blend of history, culture and natural beauty, there is truly no reason that Peru should not be a travel staple among the likes of Argentina and Brazil.

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